Transcription of war diary of K.Gr.z.b.V. 5 from microfilmed handwritten source (T971 Roll 9) and the so called Gruppenchronik (partly hadwritten, mostly machine typed). Gruppenchronik also contains several pilot's reports (also from later period when the Gruppe was renamed I./K.G. 55).


- Kriegstagebuch
- Gruppenchronik

- Übersicht Einsatz Stalingrad Zeit 28.11.1942 bis 3.2.1943
- Abschußbericht Fw. Karl Deutsch, 10.1.1943
- Bericht Fw. Voellmer
- Bericht Ofw. Hans Leutl
- Absturz L5+IL am 27.4.1943
- Bericht Besatzung Heeren über den Versorgungsflug am 1.7.1944
- Bericht Uffz. Maaß über die am 1.7.1944 abgeschossene G1+KH
- Bericht Oblt. Taprogge Die Bilder des Rückzuges
- Uffz. Kippe 1./K.G. 55, Bericht zum Feindflug am 8.8.1944


Transcription of war diary of Stab Stuka 2 Immelmann from microfilmed handwritten (awful) source (T971 Roll 4) 6.10.1942 to 3.7.1943. Unfortunately the microfilm in my posession only starts with date 20.4.1943. Not sure if it is only problem with my copy or diary was incompletely microfilmed.

One of the interesting bits in the diary is introduction of tank hunting squadron to St.G. 2 on 17.5.1943 / - throughout this document it is called V.f.P. or Versuchsstaffel für Panzerbekämpfung.

on to the diary

Some stuff on Zerstörer units and their equipment throughout the war from T321 range microfilm -
GL Besprechungen part 1
GL Besprechungen part 2
Report E-Stelle Tarnewitz on Me 410 with 5 cm BK
Two short documents regarding Erprobungsgruppe 210
Some remarks on Bf 110/Me 410 development of various Erprobungsstellen

Collection of war diaries of III./K.G. 55, starting with late May 1941 immediately before the unit was engaged in Russia.

- Kriegstagebuch Nr. 4
- Kriegstagebuch Nr. 7
- Kriegstagebuch Nr. 9


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