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As you might know, yogysoft has more activities then just this webpage. Several free Add-ons for the game IL-2 were produced:
- 2002: A campaign around Helmut Lipfert who was a very successfull fighter pilot within JG52 who became Gruppenkommandeur of I/JG53 in 1945.
- 2003: Start of the "planetable", inherited from Ian Boys
- 2004: Cooperation in the team for the "Kurland" map set
- 2005: Main work for the "Italy Online" map (together with Caspar and Rama). Some people may remember the funny discussions with terrified Italian community-members, caused by my first version of the names for towns on the map...
- 2006 - 2009: Team Lead and main contribution fo the Bessarabia map set (together with Caspar, Rama, Toppy and others). Scans of original Luftwaffe maps were bought for this project which did cost ca. 300 Euro.
- 2009- : Contrubution in the Daedalos Team, which produces the official Add-Ons to IL-2 after 4.09b.
- 2009- 2011: Contribution in the Team for Queensland II, once a leading Online Serer with dynamic campaigns.

If you want to support this work, there are several ways:

1. Material
Necessary material are all kinds of primary or secondray sources. Examples:
- (scans of) original maps from the 1930ies, 40ies and 50ies of the European Theater of War
- historical pictures of airfields, Recconnaisance etc.
- All other kinds of files, war diaries, statictics
- Here is a list of primary sources which would help me a lot with my current projects

2. Possibilities to contribute financially:

a) You can donate via Paypal ("Spenden" is german for "Donate"):

b) Amazon links (Die Preise sind die gleichen wie bei einem direkten Aufruf der Seite, aber ein Teil geht an!)
Deutschland: Wenn Ihr über diese Links bei amazon einkauft, helft Ihr uns den Server zu finanzieren:



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