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The quantitative appearance of the Lavochkin La5, La5F and La5FN

Target was to model the percentages of La5, 5F, 5FN within the "La5"-figures in stock of the soviet Air Force VVS. Today, still there is no archival data concerning this topic known to me. Even production figures are not broken down to subtype of engine for the most decisive year (1944) of the biggest factory GAZ21.

First result of the calculations is the production numbers. From that with further modeling of loss numbers and transport times to the front, the stock numbers of first line units were modeled. These are given in percent of all La5.

Modeled Production numbers of La5 and La7 subtypes for 1943 and 1944

Modeled stock portions of La5 subtypes in percent of overall available La5 in Soviet combat units

More detailed information on the data and assumptions used:

1) Historical production figures (from literature)
1942 La5 = 1130, 6'42 = 38, 8'42 = 148
1943 overall 5048 La5 / F / FN; La5F started in January, overall figure La5FN = 1050, La5F = ?
1944 La5FN was produced until November 1944; La7 had problems in production (wing spars)

2) Historical stock data
19.11.1942 = 289 (must all be La5); from all fighters, 34,5% are La(GG)
1.7.1943 = 978 ; from all fighters, 34% are La(GG)
1.1.1944 = 3926 fighters of all types; During 1944, 326 losses of La5-ASh82 occured, therefore minimum that number must have been on stock on 1.1.44; in 1944, 1420 La5F and 700 La5FN lost
1.7.1944 = 5815 fighters of all types
1.1.45 = 1314 La5, 398 La7 (=23%, 7% of all fighters)
1.5.45 = 676 La5, 967 La7 (=12%, 18% of all fighters)

3) Assumptions on production, logistics and loss data
- transport from factory to frontline takes two months
- 95% of produced planes were taken over by VVS
- La5 was produced until Dec. 43
- monthly loss figures: 45% in 1942, 40% 01-04.1943, then 20% for La7, 30% for La5FN and 35% for old types. These loss figures sound high to me, but are necessary to reach the actual stock levels from 2)

If some new data would flux in, I am happy to rework this page. Especially the production data of GAZ21 broken down by engine type or the numbers of ASh82FN in plant 19 would help improving this model here. Or, even better: Stock data of the VVS broken down by subtype...
If you have such material and are willing to share, please contact me.

COMMENT: The data for stock inventory of La5 is only for VVS-RA, marine & PVO are missing. Therefore, my model is faulty: Too high losses. My feeling tells me that a remodelling will lead to higher percentages of La5 / La5F in the later months. But this has to be confirmed yet.

1) Soviet Combat Aircraft of WW2 - Vol.1 - Single-Engined Fighters, Gordon / Khazanov
2) TsAMO archives via
3) TsAMO archives, internal link
4) To be integrated in model amongst others. Data from here
5) Some data should also be used from Rodionov's chronology (note to myself for later)

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