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Support for the IL2-Server

As you may know, I am involved in the gaming Server which is a non-profit project just as this homepage here. We have quite some cost for this server, and need financial support in the long run. Currently we need ca. 70€ per months (59€ for the server itself and ca. 10 for Teamspeak, forum etc.)

Possibilities to contribute financially:

1) You can donate via Paypal ("Spenden" is german for "Donate"):

2) Amazon links (prices are the same as if you visit the site in the normal way!)
Deutschland: Wenn Ihr über diese Links bei amazon einkauft, helft Ihr uns den Server zu finanzieren:


United Kingdom: Please support our server by using the links below for shopping:


France: S'il vous plaît, utilisez les liens aux dessus pour acheter à et aidez notre online-server


Due to some legal doubts from the owner of "",  the amazon-links are not shown on that site.

3) You can use the bank account for donations


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