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Excerpt from "Nachrichtenblatt der Panzertruppen" Nr.14, August 1944

Several issues of this magazine can be downloaded at Below you find a translation of some recommandations for cooperation of Army units with the Air Force Coordination Officer and the original article in German. Altogether teh articles shows that direct communication between the fighting units both on the ground and in the air was possible and also some details about the complex structures in the army. Text in [brackets] is inserted by me for better understanding.


1. If you have a Schlachtfliegerleitoffizier at your Division or Army Corps, then request the use of the “Schlachtfliegerleittrupp” for your focal point [of combat].

2. The Fliegerleitoffizier (Schlacht) and his troops create a connection to the flying unit for you.

3. You can transmit all your wishes for target destruction by ground attack planes via the Schlachtfliegerleitoffizier.

4. You as tactical leader alone are responsible for the content of the messages which are transmitted to the Air Force by the Schlachtfliegerleitoffizier.

5. The place for the Schlachtfliegerleitoffizier is ahead near your focal point, near to you.

6. Precondition for a successful control-communication is a good possibility to watch. Then, the Schlachtfliegerleitoffizier can lead the ground attack planes to the most dangerous enemy.

7. The Schlachtfliegerleittrupp is a precious instrument. Take care of him. Sit him into an armoured personal car – only then he can fulfil your requests and support you with a concentrated ground attack even more then massed artillery.

8. Take care that you have clean radio contact, so that he is at your hands when you need him.

9. If air support was promised to you, but no Schlachtfliegerleittrupp is available, your Fliegerverbindungsofficer (LN) [means Air Force Connection officer] of your division will take over this task.

10. The Schlachtfliegerleittrupp needs about 4-6 hours to set up his equipment in the armoured personal car. So, better keep a vehivle ready for this. Plan well.

11. If a ground attack unit of the Air Force shall support you and you have neither a Schlachtfliegerleittrupp nor a Fliegerverbindungsofficer (Ln or Reconaissance), then use the communications officer who is Fliegerleitoffizier [Air communication officer]. For execution of radio communication, a soon to be released memorandum about operation and tasks of the Fliegerleitoffizier is relevant. -- With the help of your Fu7 [radio type] you can connect to the Schlachtfliegers if you got the radio documents via the Fliegerverbindungsofficer at your division or army corps.

Below, the original german article is reproduced:

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